Nastoletni stroiciel z Jeleniej Góry budzi się w szpitalu psychiatrycznym
Odkryj świat "Stroiciela" – muzyczna fantastyka pełna tajemnic i przygód

Imagine a high school student with an ear so fine-tuned that he can extract absolute harmony from any musical instrument. This is the premise of "Stroiciel," a novel that blends elements of teenage drama with espionage and science fiction, creating a compelling narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The book has garnered attention not only for its gripping storyline but also for its thoughtful exploration of themes like destiny, the power of music, and the blurred lines between reality and illusion.

  1. Cyprian K., a typical teenager, finds himself in a psychiatric hospital, setting off a series of mysterious and thrilling events.
  2. The story weaves elements of a garage band, young love, and prophetic dreams with suspenseful chases and cryptic messages hidden in vinyl records.
  3. A unique musical instrument named Oktavon appears to hold the key to humanity's future.
  4. Dynamic, concise writing style with ample dialogue speeds the narrative along while maintaining clarity and suspense throughout.

The plot of "Stroiciel" is intricately crafted, featuring a world that mirrors our own yet diverges into the fantastical. The protagonist, Cyprian, encounters a guitar seller familiar with the mysterious term 'Oktavon,' which changes his life dramatically. As he navigates through hidden passages and encounters dubious saviors, the reality of his world becomes more perplexing and fascinating. The author skillfully constructs a universe with its own lore of angels, demons, and deities, providing a fresh take on the age-old battle between good and evil.

The book's cover is particularly striking, appealing to the youthful demographic with its black-and-white design punctuated by vibrant lightning bolts and the dramatic imagery of hands raised high and a guitar neck. A significant skyscraper on the cover hints at a powerful corporation, with an octagon and star symbol linking back to the mysterious Oktavon.

"Stroiciel" is not only a journey through a richly imagined world but also an exploration of how music can influence and alter the course of humanity. The ending leaves readers with an open invitation to let their imaginations roam, suggesting a continuation in the reader's mind beyond the pages of the book. This novel is a must-read for those who appreciate a smart blend of music and speculative fiction, and it has rightfully earned a spot on the List of Treasures at the Museum of Children's Books and received accolades in the IBBY Book of the Year Contest. It is available in the "Novels" section of the Youth Library, ensuring that multiple copies are available for eager readers.

This engaging blend of musical brilliance and thrilling narrative makes "Stroiciel" a standout novel, promising beautiful imaginations and a gripping reading experience. It's highly recommended for both young adults and adults who cherish guitar music and intelligent science fiction.

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